180-gram double LP

Direct Metal Mastering by Hans-Jorg Maucksch

Cut at DMM Specialists Pauler Acoustics

Pressed by Pallas in Germany

Rossini wrote six string sonatas (only five pieces are included on this album due to limitations of playing time) at the age of 12, in the space of three days in 1804. The Italian all-star string quartet led by Maestro Salvatore Accardo portrays the original vision of Rossini's Quattro in all its glory. The performance of Accardo's string group creates an infectious feeling of joie de vivre, capturing the nuance and timbre of Rossini's vivid musicality. Includes the special talents of Salvatore Accardo on 1st violin, Sylvie Gazeau on 2nd violin, Alain Meunier on cello and Franco Petracchi on double-bass.

Track Listing
Giocchino Rossini (1792-1868)
Sonata a Quattro (String Sonatas) for two violins, cello and double bass

LP 1
Side 1
Sonata No 1 in G Major
1. Moderato
2. Andantino
3. Allegro
Sonata No 2 in A Major
4. Allegro
5. Andantino - Allegro

Side 2:
Sonata No. 3 in C Major
6. Allegro
7. Andante
8. Moderato
Sonata No. 4 in B flat Major
9. Allegro vivace
10. Andantino
11. Allegretto

LP 2
Side 3:
Sonata No. 5 in E flat Major
1. Allegro vivace
2. Andantino
3. Allegretto
Sonata No. 6 in D Major
4. Allegro spiritoso
5. Andante assai
6. Tempesta (Allegro)

Side 4:
Duetto for cello and contrabass
7. Allegro
8. Andante molto
9. Allegro
10. Une mot a Paganini
11. Une Larme for contrabass and piano

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