180-gram vinyl

Irish folk singer Mary Black writes about the reissue of her 1987 album classic By The Time It Gets Dark, saying "As it's always been one of my favorite albums I felt that it deserved to be revisited to celebrate its 30th anniversary. With that in mind we sent the old 24-track tapes to be baked (a process to preserve them) allowing us to do a complete remix and remaster the album. We enlisted the services of my great friend and sound engineer Billy Robinson to do the job and I'm delighted with the outcome — it sounds great, even if I say so myself! We added a few bits where needed and I'm happy to see it being released on vinyl again."

Mary's breakthrough album from 1987 has been remixed and remastered and repackaged for it's 30th anniversary. The album that brought us "Katie," "Just Once in a very Blue Moon," "By the Time it gets Dark," "Schooldays Over" and much more is back and better than ever!

Track Listing
1. By The Time It Gets Dark
2. Schooldays Over
3. Once In A Very Blue Moon
4. Farewell Farewell
5. Sparks Might Fly
6. Katie
7. Leaving The Land
8. There Is A Time
9. Jamie
10. Leaboys Lassie
11. Trying To Get The Balance Right

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