Critically acclaimed Canadian guitarist-composer, Ray Montford unveils his sixth album, A Fragile Balance, his most cinematic to date. Inspired by a series of unforeseen events, this is a soulful exploration of life's journey's, highlighted by Montford's buttery blues/rock electric tones and deft acoustic fingerstyle work. Beginning with the haunting melody of "Honour This Land," the album builds to a peak of rock orchestration in the epic "When Darkness Takes Flight," propelled by powerful drumming reminiscent of the late John Bonham. Dynamically recorded with sparse arrangements and great sonics, the result is a cohesive tale of a mature artist. This is instrumental music that commands to be heard – at a healthy volume – offering a depth that will reveal new insights with each listen.

Track Listing
1. Honour This Land
2. Remember
3. Blind To Beauty
4. When Darkness Takes Flight
5. Believe In Angels
6. The Healing
7. Arrival
8. I Hear You Now
9. Temporary Asylum
10. Two Lives

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