Mobile Fidelity Gold Collection Volume 1 on numbered limited edition gold CD

First-ever hand-picked collection of Mobile Fidelity music available to public

Limited to 5,000 numbered copies worldwide

For years, listeners have wondered what it would be like to experience some of Mobile Fidelity's best-sounding work on a compilation that shows off its trademark qualities, lifelike production, and uncompromising standards. For the first time in Mobile Fidelity history, the company has made such a disc available to the public.

Spanning iconic music made over three different decades and mastered from the original master tapes, the Mobile Fidelity Gold Collection Volume 1 Gold CD is a state-of-the-art jukebox featuring pop, rock, vocal, folk, prog rock, new wave, and hard rock classics in supreme sound. Ideal for audiophiles as well as newcomers curious about Mobile Fidelity's history and reputation, the nine-track compendium doubles as both an absorbing mix tape and demonstration disc. Like all Mobile Fidelity releases, it is an extremely collectable, numbered and a limited-edition title.

The collection includes Natalie Merchant's poignant "River" (a heartfelt tribute to late actor River Phoenix) and Linda Ronstadt's stirring cover of Neil Young's "Like a Rose." Both cuts tout lifelike immediacy, tremendous tonal balances, and realistic decay. Similarly, Marc Cohn's Top Ten single "Walking In Memphis" — still played on hundreds of radio stations today — sends chills down the spine, with even the gauge of his acoustic guitar strings discernible from the mix. Pull up a chair and sit back in utter amazement.

A surfeit of other familiar, high-charting fare is included. Chicago's soaring smash "You're the Inspiration" — a favorite largely responsible for producer Humberto Garcia receiving a Grammy for Best Engineered Recording, Non-Classical — joins Curtis Mayfield's upbeat anthem "Move On Up," the Cars' fun-loving "Shake It Up," and Yes' epic "Roundabout" as hits rendered with extraordinary detail and rich tonality.

Looking to reveal your system's greatest strengths? Replete with music that will help your stereo come alive with realistic images, throw huge soundstages, and breathe with palpable air, the Gold Collection Volume 1 defines what the high end is all about: Engaging, masterful performances rendered in exquisite sound that brings you to the event and closer to your favorite artists.

Track Listing
1. Easy To Slip - Little Feat
2. Love Is a Rose - Linda Ronstadt
3. You're the Inspiration - Chicago
4. Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn
5. Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield
6. Shake It Up - The Cars
7. River - Natalie Merchant
8. Roundabout - Yes
9. Midlife Crisis - Faith No More

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